New App Helps Travelers Find Gyms on the Go

A new app known as Gymsurfing allows travelers to find gyms while they are away from home.

Gymsurfing tells the user where the nearest gyms are to a hotel and lists the prices for them. The gyms have day passes that range from $5 to $20. While many hotels have their own fitness centers, some are nothing more than a series of treadmills lined up next to each other. With Gymsurfing, anyone can find a great place to work out in major cities.

“Our goal is make it so that as soon as you land in whatever city you’re going to, you can find a place to work out,” said Kevin Bracken, the CEO of Gymsurfing.

Currently, the free app lists gyms in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Toronto, but Bracken and his team plan to expand that in the near future.

Gymsurfing is only available for Apple devices at this time, but the developers are working on a model for Android phones as well.

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