One-Third of Americans Would Give Up Sex, Not Cell Phone

How obsessed are we with our smartphones?

According to new research commissioned by The Boston Consulting Group, nearly 1/3 of Americans would rather give up sex for a year than part with their phones for the same amount of time.

Sex isn’t the only thing Americans would give up for their phones. Over 55% said they would stop dining out for 12 months instead of parting with their phones, and 45% said they would postpone their vacations. 46% of those surveyed said they would give up a day off work per week just to be able to maintain a connection with their phones.

Here is a paradox found in the research: over 30% of survey participants said they would stop seeing their friends in person for a year rather than give up their phones. What happened to the days when phones were just used to set up meeting times with other people? When did they become more satisfying than face-to-face communication?

The survey consisted of 1,003 Americans who were interviewed between September and November of last year.

The research done in America is part of a broader study of mobile technology that Boston Consulting commissioned. Consumers in Brazil, Germany, South Korea, China and India were also asked to participate, making up a total sample size of 7,500 people.

The addiction to our phones is also felt in other parts of the world. One-quarter of Brazilians were willing to give up sex for their phones, while 60% of South Koreans admitted they would. Close to 66% of those surveyed in India and 55% of the Chinese participants said they would rather give up a day off work for a year than part with their mobile phones.

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