New Amazon Wallet App Hits the Market

Amazon recently introduced its first smartphone, Amazon Fire. Now, the company has decided to launch its first mobile wallet.

Fittingly titled “Amazon Wallet”, this app is made to store card information on a person’s phone so they don’t have to carry their wallet.

While most mobile wallets are capable of storing credit card information, Amazon Wallet can only support gift cards and loyalty cards at this time. There is a version of the wallet for the PC that can support credit cards and checking accounts, but it can only be used with online shopping. The gift card version can be used in stores.

This lack of features may be why the wallet was quietly released on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. It is still in beta testing.

Unless you have an excessive number of gift cards you are tired of carrying around, it may be better to wait for the next version.

Currently, the app is able to convert gift cards into QR codes on the phone that cashiers can scan at checkout. Select merchants can also use these codes to check the balance on the gift card, though most will do that on the receipt anyway.

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