Amazon Fire Smartphone Could Revolutionize Mobile Shopping

Amazon’s new smartphone–“Fire”–made its way into select hands on Wednesday, with a market-wide launch scheduled for July 25th.

Amazon Fire will cost $199.99 for a 32GB version and $299.99 for a 64GB version with a two-year contract. The phone has a high-quality screen, dual stereo speakers and several unique features that set it apart from other mobile devices, such as tilt navigation and 3D viewing.

Since it is a smartphone, the Amazon Fire will compete with Samsung and iPhone. But it’s real competitor will be retail stores.

The phone could make a huge impact in its ability to help mobile shoppers find what they need. Fire users can simply take a picture of a product they want with their new phone and the device will find it online. As with most Amazon shopping experiences, mobile shoppers will be shown similar products and items that pair well with that item to give additional buying options.

The phone combines the convenience of online shopping with the portability of smartphone technology to create the ultimate shopping experience on the go.

Users in areas with Amazon Drones may soon be able to shop for something they need on their phones and have it delivered to their homes before they hit the driveway. Imagine what that could do to retail giants across the country.

If you’re not a mobile shopper or you are simply looking for the best phone on the market, Fire may not be for you. But if you are someone who spends a great deal of time browsing on retail sites, this phone could be your perfect smartphone.

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