80% of Adult Internet Users Now Own a Smartphone

New research from GlobalWebIndex shows that 80% of adults that access the Internet own a smartphone.

The quarterly survey, which assessed nearly 42,000 adult Internet users in 32 markets, found that the vast majority of adults used smartphones extensively in their daily lives. The average amount of time people spend using their mobile device is up to 1.85 hours a day, a 40 minute increase since 2012.

The survey also showed that 47% of adults owned a tablet and 34% owned a smart TV. 91% of participants said they owned a PC or laptop.

Wearables did not do nearly as well as their cellular counterparts. Only 9% of the adults surveyed said they owned a smartwatch. The biggest group of people to own wearable devices was affluent males between 25 and 34 years of age who live in the Asia Pacific region. Only 7% of participants reported owning a smart wristband, like the Nike FuelBand or Adidas miCoach. Regardless of how many of these wearables devices have come out in recent years, people still aren’t jumping on the bandwagon.

Surprisingly, a full 25% of smartphone owners said they do not have access to Internet on their phones. That is the inherent reason why most smartphone owners get this device, so it’s strange that number is so high.

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Natalie Rutledge majored in Communications at Mississippi State University. She was in sales for a number of businesses and spent nine years working as a communications advisor. Natalie can be contacted at [email protected]