3 Year Old Girl Unlocks Cell Phone to Save Pregnant Mom

Three-year-old Aryanna Lynch opened her pregnant mother’s locked cell phone to call for help when her mother suffered a seizure in mid-February. The child-turned-hero was able to reach out to a close relative, who called 911 on the family’s behalf.

The Lynch family of Weymouth, Massachusetts does not have a landline phone, and the only cell phone in the house was password protected. Aryanna was able to get past the password screen to call a close family member, whom she referred to as “auntie.”

Aryanna left a voice message on her phone, saying, “Auntie, call me. Mommy’s not waking up. I need you.” Kristine, the “auntie,” immediately dialed 911 and headed over to the home.

As paramedics arrived on the scene, Aryanna remained calm and watched over her 1-year-old baby sister who was also in the house. Tiffany Lynch, the mother, was in the hospital for three days, believed to have passed out due to dehydration. She was eight months pregnant at the time.

The cell phone was protected with a password that requires the user to draw a picture on the screen to unlock it. Kevin Lynch, the father in this scenario, said, “She’s such a smart kid. I think she’s seen my wife using the phone; she just memorized it, and when she needed to know it, she just knew what to do.”

Tiffany gave birth to her third child a few weeks later with Aryanna faithfully by her side. The little hero also received the Safety Officer’s Award from the Weymouth Police Department.

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