The $250,000 Smartphone

Would you ever pay $250,000 for a smartphone? Probably not, but that’s the price tag you’d be facing if you got one of the new Savelli smartphones.

What would make a smartphone cost more than a house? The phone comes with 18-karat white gold casing encrusted with diamonds. It is more of a piece of jewelry than an actual cell phone.

Savelli is a jewelry maker in Geneva that set out to “elevate a phone into haute couture.” The jeweler is looking to entice high-end shoppers wanting to stand out in every way possible.

Alessandro Savelli, CEO of the company, said, “It’s the most important object one has with them all the time—it’s in your hand, it’s in your pocket, it’s next to you when you sleep, you can touch it 100 times a day,” CEO Alessandro Savelli told CNN. “I think our customers are really looking for something special, really a beautiful object which they use every day and is extremely visible and really makes part of their persona.”

Savelli’s limited collection of phones features 11 smartphones powered by Google Android, all of which are decorated with precious metals and jewels. Some of the materials seen in the collection include sapphires and emeralds, with finishes of ostrich, python and iguana leather.

The two most expensive models in the collection will only be made available to 27 people. The brand was originally launched in Europe, but it now has plans to move into China, the Middle East and Russia.

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