2/3 of Mobile Connections Will Be Smartphones by 2020

A new study predicts two of every three mobile connections in the world will be smartphones by 2020.

The study from GSMA Intelligence, entitled “Smartphone forecasts and assumptions, 2007-2020” also predicts the number of global smartphone connections will triple over the next six years.

“Smartphones will be the driving force of mobile industry growth over the next six years, with one billion new smartphone connections expected over the next 18 months alone,” said Hyunmi Yang, Chief Strategy Officer at the GSMA.

One of the biggest changes in the market will be a shift in emphasis to developing countries. Smartphone connections in the developing world surpassed those in the developed world back in 2011. Two-thirds of global smartphone connections are now in developing countries. GSMA predicts that number will grow to 4/5 by 2020.

China is the biggest smartphone market, with 629 million connections in the country. The United States is second on the list with 197 million connections. Brazil, India and Indonesia make up the remainder of the top five global smartphone markets.

According to the report, smartphone penetration could reach 75% in Europe and North America by 2020. Even though smartphone growth has slowed in these regions in recent years, there will still be a strong market for smartphones in the near future.

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