Only 21% of New Yorkers Have Dropped Their Landline Phone

A surprising number of New York residents still have their landlines when compared to the national average, according to figures released Wednesday by the Siena Research Institute.

Only 21% of the state’s residents are wireless-only households. Nationally, 41% of the households no longer have landlines. This national data comes from a July 2014 study by the National Center for Health Statistics. The center is the statistical arm of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Demographic data from the New York study mirrored the national findings in several ways.

Both studies showed a much higher percentage of young adults live without a landline. One-third of New Yorkers under 35 only have a cell phone. Nationally, that figure is nearly 60%.

In addition, Hispanic families are much more likely than the general population to have a home without a landline. One-third of Hispanics families in New York do not have a landline. Nationally, that number is 53%.

The New York study showed some interesting data about the state’s residents:

* 90% of New Yorkers use a cell phone.

* Of the cell phone users, 70% have smartphones.

* 53% of the smartphone users prefer iPhones, 47% prefer Androids.

* 84% of the smartphone users in New York use their devices for directions.

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