Have you ever tried to shop for a new cell phone plan, only to get totally frustrated by the whole process due to all the different variables? It is an incredibly difficult task.

My family needed a new plan, so I decided to make a simple comparison of all the no-contract plans that have unlimited talk, text and data. But I ran into a number of problems. You have the major carriers and the discount carriers (who are really just selling the major carriers networks, but they are doing it at lower prices). Also, I found “unlimited” in data doesn’t always mean the same thing–it usually means high speed data up to a certain point, and then lower speed data after that. So there are even some “gotchas” when you try to make an apples-to-apples comparison.

Below, you will find my best attempt to clear up this confusion so we can all make an informed buying decision on an unlimited cell phone plan. I also have a comparison of long distance plans as well. PleaseĀ e-mail us if you have thoughts or comments on how we can do a better job with this comparison.

John Oldshue
CEO, SaveOnPhone.com